Friends and Allies

Morito Hayama

One of thirteen renowned Master Rank Mercenaries who notoriously known for his hot-headed temper yet unimaginable power, who ranked #4.


One of Morito's prominent protege and also a teacher in Mikado High School. When Morito was badly injured, Ann was visited by Eleanor

Jin Daifan

Ann's protege and often seen together with her mentor.

Rena Hayama

Morito's daughter who enrolls into Mikado High School as a new student, as well Ann's new comrade. According to Ann, the reason behind Rena's enrollment is to see her father.

Rivals and Enemy

Sayuri Hibachi

The founder of the Child Room and also Ann's fellow Master Rank Mercenary. Due to their animosity and different philosophy, neither Anna nor Sayuri willing to compromise as they often seen spewing sarcastic remarks against each other; in addition, Sayuri's vile ambitions for power and desire to indulge worldwide anarchy have prompting Ann sees her as her worst threat to the world.