Endangered Language was a term used by the public to refer to languages that were likely to become extinct and become a Dead Language. There were a number of Endangered Languages found all across the world, with the most prominent example being the Teyotoro Language.

The only difference between an Endangered Language and a Dead Language was that the former was not stored within Language Grave.



Teyotoro Village Invasion Arc

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Upon the conclusion of the Teyotoro Village Invasion, the Teyotoro Language had since become a Dead Language after the Chief had died from the wounds caused by Child Room Commander, Colonel Buster.

List of Endangered Language Powers

A number of Endangered Languages bestowed its speakers certain powers and abilities. The most common form of evoking the power of a Language was through written script but it also be accessed verbally.

  • Teyotoro Language (formerly):
    Teyotoro Power

    Example of the Teyotoro Language at work

    A Language belonging to a certain ethnic group in Central America, it was passed down from generation to generation until recently where only the Chief possessed such knowledge. Teyotoro was not a verbal language and was instead expressed as body paint. The Teyotoro Language purportedly allowed a speaker to communicate with the God, Teyotoro. In actuality, the Teyotoro Language used the power of the Spirit Teyotoro to create Golem-like monsters out of clay to do a speaker's bidding in order to protect the Holy Land of the Teyotoro. Additionally, incredibly life-like Clay Golems could be created as well, as evidenced with Toshu, who was seemingly able to express emotion and fulfill the role as Sorte's adopted little brother.
  • Morito's Island Language: A Language whose markings were found in a man-made Grotto on an unmarked island belonging to Morito Hayama. Standing on a tablet with the Language script will usually cause death, but an individual who accidentally touched or stood there without malice will simply lose their memories and become amnesic.



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