Hibana Saiga
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Hibana Saiga II
Kanji 才賀 ヒバナ
Rōmaji Saiga Hibana
Physical Characteristics
Age 17
Gender Female Female
Family Mizuki Saiga (Young Sister)
Professional Profile
Mercenary Rank A
Nationality Japan
Affiliation Mikado High School (2-B Class)

Hibana Saiga (才賀 ヒバナSaiga Hibana) is a student of Mikado High School and one of the youngest A Rank Mercenaries along with her sister Mizuki Saiga, who famed for their proficiency in close combat and mastery in firearms. She is also one of Morito Hayama's classmates and her class's leader.

Character Information


Hibana has an orange pony tail hair-style and a pair of yellow eyes. She is also have a voluptuous figure, with her buxom bust. Within the academy grounds, Hibana often wear the school uniform. Whenever she is in the training field, she don with the mercenary soldier costume.


As the eldest sister among the Saiga Sisters, Hibana is a gentle and loving sister who is ready to protect anyone from any possible danger, especially Morito whom she viewed as one of her precious person in her life. She is also seemly a friendly and generous student who is always helping others from other troubles, as well maintain her humility.

Behind her beloved nature, Hibana is prone to anger and jealousy whenever other women lean too near towards Morito, in which her unsual jealousy often promting her to go happy-trigger and shoot almost to anyone, even Morito. In the battlefield, Hibana could also be sadistic and easily gone berserk, such as she enjoying shooting the unknown enemy with a heavy machine gun.


Sibling's Past

Hibana and Mizuki in front of their parent's grave.

Even in their young age, both sisters lost their parents in an unknown tragedy. At the age of ten, the siblings visited their parents's grave and while they mourned their passing, tombstone and mourned over their passing. That unknown tragedy has became the sibling's resolution and dedication to be strong.


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Post Rikan Island Incident

According to Mizuki, Hibana was under rehab since the Rikan Island incident. After Morito returned from Teyotoyo, Hibana immediately hugged Morito as she has missed him so much since his departure. However, a new relationship between Morito and Mizuki further brewing Hibana's jealousy as she staring both

Meeting of the 13 Master Ranked Mercenaries

Girls playing cards

Hibana's daydreaming while playing cards with Sorte and Kotonoha.

Abilities and Skills

As the youngest A Ranked Mercenary, Hibana is an expert in both firearms and combat skills.

  • Weapon Marksman and Sharpshooter-Hibana is proficient in most firearms, which her sharp accuracy are rivaled to none. She is also experts with other weapons heavier than her size, even a machine gun.
  • Expert Hand Combat-Hibana is expert in hand to hand combat.


  • Hibana's surname is based on the real Sengoku Era warrior, Saiga Magoichi
  • Out of all people Morita befriends with, The Saiga Sisters last peers Morito wished not to revealed his age or his status (though Mizuki did found Morito more than meets the eye).