13 Master Rank Mercenaries

Morito Hayama

Also known as "Little Boy", Morito is also infamous for his superior mercenary skills and his nasty attitude whenever he is criticized for his short figure and baby face appearances. Despite this, Mammon seemly has some good terms with Morito while even teasing him by calling him "Mr. Serious". He is also Mammon's fellow Master Ranked Mercenary.

Chico Dragon

Chico as Linda

"Linda" accepting the proposal

One of her fellow Master Ranked Mercenary. For reasons unknown, Mammon extremely despised Chico.

Chapter 33: love

It is revealed that Crow once disguised herself as a beautiful women (like she wasn't before) called "Linda" and charmed Chico while he was working as a bartender/bouncer. She made Chico fall for her, "we... pass the time together, we talked together, slept together, and then one day..."- Chico Dragon (chap 33). Chico proposed to Crow and some time later, she revealed that "Linda" was actually Crow.

Chico did not take kindly to this, claiming that Crow toyed with his heart, and said that since he could no longer be with "Linda" it was the same as Crow killing her. It is revealed that Crow's motive was to steal the "Dragon Family Ring", she admitted that she did "a bit of a bad thing" by turning into "Linda" to charm Chico. She then says to Chico that she did not expect him to fall for her charm so hard. Infuriated he takes off his glasses, unleashing his pyrokinesis, and cornering Crow. 

When Chico cornered her in battle, she did the "last trick I wanted to do use" turning into "Linda". Chico immediately runs toward her with open arms attempting to hug her, with tears in his eyes, overjoyed by seeing "Linda" again. Crow then punches him the face, knocking him out.

Observing the battle, Sorte asked "if this guy is such an easy mark... why did you spend a whole year stealing his ring...?", Then asking whether Crow enjoyed love with Chico, where she responded with "yea..." and asking her to keep it a secret.*

  • (editors note) It seems like Crow had feelings for Chico after a while as well, and may have attempted to reveal herself so that she truly be herself with Chico (unconfirmed). I ship ヽ( ˃ ヮ˂)ノ -SleepySheepy editor for this section~

Child Room

Once time hired by Child Room to infiltrate Teyotoyo Village and obtain the Teyotoyo God's power. Moments after their failed mission however, Mammon quit Child Room and joined Morito instead.