Masakado Sakari
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The Shogun
Rōmaji Sakari
A.K.A. Shogun
Physical Characteristics
Age ???
Gender Male Male
Family Ann Shimona (Ex-Wife)
Professional Profile
Mercenary Rank Master Rank #1
Nationality Japan
Affiliation ???
Debut Chapter 25

Masakado Sakari, also known as the Shogun, is a minor yet important character in the Gun X Clover series. One of the 13 Master Rank Mercenaries, Sakari is also the founder of the Merc Rank System and famed as the first Master Ranked Mercenary in history. His status was so famous that many considered him as the ultimate legend among the mercenaries, until he was suddenly replaced by Sayuri Hibachi

Character Information


Sakari is appeared to be a tall old man, with well build figure. He has a long hair and long beard, and he is often wear a business attire and his singature general jacket around his buisness atire.



Little history is known about this legend, though his know to be the creator of the Merc System. His personal life were only known by Morito and Ann, though Ann was extremely unpleasant whenever Sakari is mentioned by anyone, even Morito.


The Meeting of the 13 Master Mercenaries

Abilities and Skills

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  • Despite he is beloved and respected by most peers, Sakari is not well received by some peers, particulary Ann.