Mutsuha Nanase is Kotonoha's Sixth persona



Mutsuha is a child like personality, stating herself that she is "6 years old"[1]. She has an immature personality befitting her child-like persona. Even stating her willingness to kill an entire group of people who know an endangered language so Kotonoha will learn it as a Dead language, to lift to regression phenomenon from Morito. When confronted with the possible consequence of angering the gods by undertaking such an ation, she simply replied that "I'm 6 year's old. i don't understand complicated stuff".

She herself stated as well that she "is the single personality that must never come out", stating the reason being a secret. Out of the personalities of Kotonoha so far, she is the most shown to be the most strict in regards to the "roles" of the personalities within Kotonoha.


Abilities and Skills

  • Telepathy - Mutsuha has been shown to be able to interact with others telepathically.[2]

It hasn't been detailed yet but she has stated she is able to erase the other persona's within Kotonoha. [3]



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