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Salim Ressurected
Kanji サーリム
Rōmaji Sarimu
A.K.A. Blind Warrior
Physical Characteristics
Age ???
Gender Male Male
Family Toura (Adopted Daughter)
Professional Profile
Class S Rank (Former)
Nationality ???
Affiliation Morito (Former)
Child Room
Debut Chapter 4

Salim (サーリム Sarimu) was Morito Hayama's former protege and Toura's adopted father who is proficient in E.S.L technique but succumbed to his injuries when a mission gone wrong[1]. He was also a senior comrade to Morito's other proteges Eleanor, Sabine and Daigo. Since his resurrection however, Salim allied with the Child Room under Chico's and Sol's supervision. [2]

Character Information


Salim appears as a tall man with his hair no longer than his shoulders. He also has scars on his eyes that resulted his blindness from a war in his home country. Additionally, wherever he goes Salim often seen wearing with his modified dog tags [3] around his neck.

In his resurrection form, Salim is seen with his a little long hair and unshaven facial hair while wearing a long black pants and a long trench coat with his hoodie at its back.


Salim is a cherish, open-heart and even care free person despite his handicap of his blindness. Whilst a patient person who didn't berates or laments about Morito's scoldings, he is also rather calm and peaceful. Because of these attributes, Salim often acted as a mediator between his mentor and his fellow comrades. Even as the resurrected undead, Salim's personality still retains like his former self.


Salim was handpicked by Morito as his first protege.


Summer Camp and Morito's Amnesia

Parantal reunion

Salim reunites with Toura.

Salim led two Master Ranked Mercenaries (Chico and Sol) to the island where Morito re-train his proteges via a motor-boat. While asked by Sol if he is ready to meet his former mentor sooner, Salim happily replied that he wished to see him soon. During his mission defeat Morito and kidnap Kotonoha with Sol's sepcialized army, as well along with the resurrected Colonel Gaia and Rose Sisters, Salim also reunited with Toura who was gladly to see him again. In response to this reunion, Salim told Toura that he is proud and delight to see her growth before fighting against Toura and his former colleagues.

Abilities and Skills

  • Master Martial Artist: Under Morito's training, Salim is proficient in martial arts skills and fighting abilities.
  • E.S.L. Technique: Because of his blindness, Salim heavily relies on sense of hearing to defeat his foes.


  • Of all of Morito's both former and current protege, only Salim is resurrected.


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