Friends and Allies

Alex Wheeler Jr.

Rival and Enemies

Morito Hayama

Kotonoha Nanase

Ann Shimona

Ann vs Sayuri

Sayuri vs Ann (Fake).

The headmistress of Mikado High School and her fellow 13 Master Rank mercenary. Despite their relationship as "comrades" however, the two never get along because of their clashed ideologies of the world they viewed. Their animosity grew even further where not only over their dispute over Kotonoha, but also her new position as Rank#1 Master Ranked Mercenary when Sakari (Ann's ex husband) is reportedly to be "killed".

During Child Room's invasion onto the Mikado High School that abruptly ending Secret Athlete Festival, Sayuri fight against Ann who she seemly easily beaten, although she latter realized that the headmistress she fought is actually Mammon in disguise while the real one is on an abandoned building and trying to snipe her down. Even with her best effort, Ann's astonishing snipping skills eventually proven too much for Sayuri and forced to retreat.