Simon Beiler
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Simon Beiler
Rōmaji Saimon Beira
A.K.A. ???
Physical Characteristics
Age ???
Gender Male Male
Professional Profile
Mercenary Rank Master Rank #11
Nationality U.S.A
Occupation Mercenary

College Professor (Current)
Mathematician (Former)

Affiliation Child Room
Debut Chapter 25

Simon Beiler was a then mathematician and one of the Thirteen Master Rank Mercenaries,with his "rank" being #11. He was infamously known in using the power of Numerology-a power that allegedly rivals to Dead Language- that killed two former Master Ranked Mercenaries prior his rise as a mercenary. Simon allied himself with Sayuri Higuchi and the resurrected Child Room, serving as one of the organization's main mercenaries.

Character Information


Simon is often seen wearing a pair of glasses and a gentlemen's attire that consists a hat and a business suit.


Unlike most of mercenaries who often seeing using weaponry, Simon is seen as a more polite and well-mannered gentlemen who often talks in a well-spoken manner. Due to his power, Simon doesn't concern too much about time or distance.


Little was known about Simon but he was known to use Numerology to kill two unnamed #11 Mercenary and succeeded himself as the latest #11 Master Ranked Mercenaries. His reputation was so notorious that prompted even his fellow Morito and Mammon to be vigilant towards him .


Reunion with Morito

Secret Athlete Festival

Later, alongside with other Child Room Seven, Simon arrives to meet Morito, Kotonoha and Mammon. Despite Morito's disapproval, Simon declares that the Child Room Seven will be participating the "game" and pit both Morito and Juri in a death match, where the loser will be killed. In addition, as a "time limit" of this "game", since he knows Morito's mercy will drag the battle longer, he asserts that they will be fight until the Child Room Seven kill every students in Mikado High.

However, through the reconciliation between Morito and Juri( who later reverted back to Rena), the duel ends with neither Hayama are killed as they both exit the Arena easily, indicating Simon's miscalculation.

Abilities and Skills

  • Numerology:
Simon Atomic Punch

Simon's Atomic Punch.

  • Atomic Punch:Simon's most devastating punch that is mixed with Numerology powers. The punch is so devastating that it wipe out almost a half of the land that is equivalent to an Atomic Bomb, hence the name.