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Kanji ソルテ
Rōmaji Sorude
Physical Characteristics
Gender Female Female
Family Teyotoro Elder Chief (deceased)

Father (deceased)

Professional Profile
Nationality Teyotoyo
Affiliation Teyotoyo Tribe (Former)

Mikado High School (2-B Class)

Sorte (ソルテ Sorude) was a Teyotoro tribeswoman from Central America. She was the granddaughter of the Teyotoro Elder Chief and the adopted sister of Toshu, her Guardian. Sorte was the self-declared successor of her village's Endangered Language, Teyotoro Language, and was the Protector of the Teyotoro Forest during Child Room's invasion of her homeland.

Character Information


Sorte was a young woman with white long hair, dark skin and a slim figure. Because of Teyotoyo Tribe's seclusion to the world, the only clothing Sorte wears was her light clothes and occasionally wearing her mask. Since the aftermath of the invasion, Sorte is seen wearing a sailor uniform (her grandfather's gift), the only gift her grandfather have for her.


As the Teyotoyo Tribe member, Sorte is a prideful girl who is proud over her heritage as the once powerful indigenous people. As a self-proclaimed successor, she would do anything to defend Teyotoyo's survival by all means necessary by keeping her tribe secluded from the outside world.

It is through the tragedy of losing Toshu and her grandfather, Sorte begins to accept people around her and even befriends with anyone she holds dear.


Seven years ago before series, Sorte's father was stricken with a severe disease. Despite being able to travel to a nearby hospital for medical attention, her father refused to leave the Teyotoro's Land and died soon after. Before he died, Sorte's father told Sorte to never break the laws of the Teyotoro Tribe.


Child Room's Invasion


Post Teyotoyo Invasion


Summer Vacation


Skills and Power

  • Teyotoyo Language (Former)
    • Geokinesis-In courtesy of the Teyotoyo Language's power, Sorte can create clay army in order to protect herself or her allies. 



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